TorQ's third studio recording, "Without A Map", is a 22-track double album of improvisations, and is the result of a week-long retreat to an old Orange Lodge in Wyebridge, ON in fall 2013 with engineer/mixer/producer/music-all-star/great friend Ray Dillard.  Each day we would pick a group of instruments (woods, metals, gongs, hand drums, multi-setups, etc), set them up, have Ray set up some mics, record a bunch of improvs back to back, break for lunch, record some more, switch a setup, and start all over again.  We ended up with hours of material, and it was a hard task to cut it down to 55 minutes, so we decided to make it into a double album.  Each disc ("There" and "Back") features the same order of instrument groupings; that is, track 1 on each disc uses multi-instrument setups, track 2 uses hand drums, etc., but the music on the corresponding tracks is often very different.  

These tracks are just a sample of what's on the album.  To listen to the whole album, please buy a physical copy through our merch page, or a digital copy on iTunes.